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Create a sustainable future with green logistics & warehousing

As businesses increasingly focus on reducing their environmental impact and adopting sustainable practices, automation technologies can prove valuable in advancing these goals.

Green logistics & warehousing is here to stay

Driven by a growing ecological conscience, the green transition is underway and shaping the thoughts and actions of customers, governments, and businesses. Until recently, logistics managers were focused on cost reduction and improving customer-service ratio. Strict environmental regulations and pressure from consumers have shifted that focus towards sustainability.

Of overall supply chain emissions come from warehouse emissions
Of global warehouses are still heavily reliant on manual processes, an inefficient use of space and energy
Of global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment

How Our Automation Solutions contribute to sustainability

Automated processes, when combined with our autonomous forklifts and warehouse control system, lower your environmental impact by reducing energy consumption, minimising stock damage, optimising building footprint, lowering waste output, and generating lesser emissions from warehouse transportation activities.

McKinsey & Company

Achieving supply chain sustainability


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