Why Automation / Manpower Scalability

Bolster your Operations in the midst of a Global Labour Crisis

The global labour crunch is a very real problem facing manufacturers, distributors and warehouse operators today. In the face of this growing challenge, organisations are turning to warehouse automation to combat supply chain disruptions, maintain business continuity, and even gain a competitive advantage.

A Global Labour Crisis, means we should not be dependent on human labour alone

From demographic shifts and evolving generational job preferences to the sustained e-commerce boom and rising demand for logistics services, multiple factors account for the compounding warehouse labour shortage that's predicted to stay.

Annual worker turnover rate in the warehousing industry
Of warehouses are unable to find enough workers to meet their operational needs
Of warehouse managers cite labor scarcity as a top concern
Projected growth in cross-border e-commerce will increase the demand for warehouse automation systems

Automation: The resilient response to labour shortage

The promise of higher wages will only go so far to attract employees - the perceived difficult working conditions in warehouses and fulfilment centers are longstanding issues at play. Putting your staff in safer environments, making their jobs easier and more efficient through automation and innovation is a vital part of a long-term approach to managing the labor shortage.

In a tight market, offering growth opportunities and exposure to advanced technologies can also help you to secure talent.

Scale up warehousing operations in a predictable way

Automated systems not only reduce your reliance on a tight labor pool and make it easier for your business to maintain consistent operations, but can also operate around the clock without breaks, providing an extended operational window and maximizing your utilization of warehouse space and resources.

Our solutions are also designed to be fully scalable - they can be expanded or modified to accommodate changing requirements as your business grows.

Addressing Automation Concerns

Does automation displace warehousing jobs?


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