Experience the new intelligent warehouse with an end-to-end orchestration software system providing optimisation for storage, material flow, operational processes and more.

Advanced Warehouse control

Xymphony, our advanced warehouse control technology, is a sophisticated software platform designed to orchestrate and optimize the operations of your warehouse.

Acting as the 'brain' of your facility, Xymphony interfaces with multiple components and sub-systems, intelligently managing and coordinating every aspect of your warehouse operations to ensure seamless material flow, efficient order processing, and timely fulfillment.


Integrate with all warehouse equipment & sub-systems

Device- and brand-agnostic, Xymphony is designed to integrate with new or legacy sub-systems and equipment to create a fully interoperable and optimised logistics ecosystem.


Execute tasks across all integrations

Acting as a centralised management system or command centre, Xymphony connects and synchronises different systems and equipment within your warehouse, providing end-to-end automation of tasks with real-time tracking and visibility.


Maximise throughout and other optimisation goals using AI & ML

Powered by AI and machine learning, Xymphony significantly enhances productivity, minimizes errors, and improves overall warehouse efficiency via a combination of continuous real-time monitoring, smart inventory management, dynamic resource allocation, adaptive routing, task prioritization, and more.

Data collected from exchanges between your interconnected devices facilitates predictive analytics to optimise workflows, anticipate maintenance needs, and identify potential bottlenecks, while also providing your warehouse managers with comprehensive insights into your operations to allow for better resource planning, greater responsiveness and informed decision-making.

Resource Utilisation
Idle Time
Material Flow
Inventory Turnover
Order Cycle Time
Picking Efficiency
Travel Distance
Loading Speed


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