How It Works / Interoperability

Seamless connectivity, unmatched productivity

In the realm of logistics and supply chain management, a fully connected warehouse represents a paradigm shift in productivity, efficiency and agility.

All the components in our suite of hard- and software solutions interwork seamlessly with existing warehouse equipment and management systems, enabling interoperability between diverse warehouse operations for effortless intralogistics.

Unifying the warehouse ecosystem

Xymphony, our advanced warehouse control technology, connects and synchronizes disparate systems and equipment within your warehouse, acting as a centralised management system which allows your operators to manage and oversee all operations from a single interface. Components such as inventory management systems, autonomous vehicles, IoT devices, and other smart technologies can be programmed to work together cohesively, facilitating streamlined processes, real-time data exchange, and optimised resource allocation.

Orchestrating operations & tasks

Acting as the 'brain' of your facility, Xymphony coordinates and executes the various moving parts in your day-to-day operating environment. Through continual real-time data collection, it optimises workflows and assigns priority levels to tasks such as order picking, sorting, and inventory replenishment.

Easy Transition

We recognise that implementation remains one of the bigger hurdles in the transition to intelligent warehousing. To simplify the process, our technology and equipment easily integrates and works harmoniously with manned and existing warehouse infrastructure without the need for reconfiguration or additional warehoue footprint, allowing for seamless deployment while minimizing downtime and disruptions.


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