How It Works / Safety

Multi-zone & dynamic safety

All our autonomous forklifts are equipped with multi-level safety systems as well as 360-degree sensor protection which are separated into three zones.

360-degree sensor protection

Detection Zone

Obstacles within this zone will cause the forklift to slow down to prepare for a potential stop

Warning Zone

The forklift will come to a soft stop should an obstacle be detected within this zone

Protection Zone

Obstacles entering this zone will cause the forklift to come to an immediate and safe emergency stop

Dynamic safety features

The size of the detection zones expands with speed - this means that the faster the forklift is travelling, the further ahead the zones are extended. During turns, the zones will be adjusted to look ahead into corners.

Advanced safety features

Volumetric Detection Zone is able to detect elevated obstacles crossing the forklift's path (for example, a manual forklift coming out of an aisle). The forklift will come to a stop and resume operations once the path is clear.


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