How It Works / Optimisation

Warehouse optimisation using AI & machine learning

Powered by AI and machine learning, our software technology will optimise your warehouse operations, maximise productivity and eliminate inefficiencies via a combination of continuous real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, smart inventory management, dynamic resource allocation, adaptive routing, task prioritization, and more.

Data-driven competitive edge

Integrating warehouse control software like Xymphony into your operations creates a seamless flow of information and real-time data exchange between different warehouse equipment and systems.

This vast amount of data collected from your multiple interconnected devices facilitates predictive analytics to optimize workflows, anticipate maintenance needs, and identify potential bottlenecks.

Your warehouse managers can also leverage data-driven insights to gain a comprehensive overview of your supply chain from receiving to shipping, allowing for better resource planning, greater responsiveness and informed decision-making.

Setting throughput optimisation goals

Experience tangible results - handle more tasks in less time, improve order fulfilment speed, optimise inventory holding levels, enhance order accuracy, and more.

Resource Utilization
Idle Time
Material Flow
Inventory Turnover
Order Cycle Time
Picking Efficiency
Travel Distance
Loading Speed


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